20140506 Ariama's Birthday

Celebrating Ariama's Birthday

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Bonding Time with Volunteers 

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20140516 Using Technology

Using Technology…

On 16th May 2014, we brought one set of computer that was installed with children’s educational software, for the children to use. The children were very excited to see the computer and they have never used one before. A few minutes in orientating the children with the hardware and the software, they were able to use it on their own. They were observed to be very engaged in learning, prompting further discussions among themselves. Thinking process was observed as a result and children were also less adverse to taking risks when using the computer to key in the answers, thereby encouraging risk taking.

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20140507 Food From The Heart Drive


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We organized a food charity drive at Moriah Schoolhouse LLP and there was an outpouring of groceries from the parents of our childcare children. Parents had been very supportive and generous in donating the much needed groceries. We even have a donor from the public who chanced upon our website and donated 20 packets of 3 kg Bee Hoon together with other toiletries. These groceries donation will certainly help towards defraying our operation costs. 

20140503 Volunteers Visit

Volunteers Visit

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