The children had lived in a remote area in Manokwari Papua with an elderly couple who provides shelter and care for needy children. Many of their parents are still alive and living in Papua but due to poverty, they are unable to take care of their children. Following are one of the very few photographs that we have of the children in Papua.

First Encounter

Manokwari Papua



We welcome our first group of children from Papua, Indonesia on 4th April 2014. They had flown for close to 9 hours, leaving their past behind to start a new life in our Children’s Home in Batam. There were 3 girls and 4 boys accompanied by their elderly caregiver who had been looking after them in Papua. This was shortly followed by another 8 girls in August 2014.


First arrival in 2014


First Arrival at home 

 First Photo Together

 Children accompanied by elderly caregiver from Papua



To give them a head start, we provided home-schooling for the children before registering them at a nearby public school.
















First Orientation In School


Orientation day for our children at Sekolah Dasar Negeri 003 Batam, a nearby local primary school. 











Ready to go to school


Children starting their first day of school in August 2014 with all of them beginning from Grade 1












The children were at the public school for 1.5 years before we transferred them to a private Christian school in mid-2016 with the assistance of a group of kind-hearted expatriates (based in Singapore) who had helped raised their one year school fees. Our children have settled well in their new school and with its conducive and positive learning environment, they have blossomed and grown in so many ways. To help the children remain in this school, we are continuously seeking donations to fund their education which will make a big difference to their future. If you would like to help re-write a new chapter in the lives of the children, please get in touch with us.




Children in their new private Christian school, Sekolah Kalam Kudus (Batam) in 2016



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