About Us

House 200x196Yayasan Mentari Dunia (License No. 31.626.780.6-215.000) was registered on 5th December 2012 as a non-profit organization with the main purpose of serving the disadvantaged and under-privileged children in Indonesia





Our Vision

To provide hope and a future to the disadvantaged children and nurturing them to be a generation of movers and shakers who can make valuable contribution and create a positive impact in Indonesia and beyond.



Our Mission

  • Provide a clean and safe haven that meet children’s physical, emotional and social needs
  • Provide formal education from Primary level to University
  • Develop children’s latent potential to the fullest through our system of meaningful engagements and opportunities




At Yayasan Mentari Dunia, we want more than just to provide a safe haven for the children. Our goal is to deliver holistic care where children’s socio-emotional needs are attended to and where their cognitive needs through quality education can be provided so that they can be nurtured to become responsible, confident and competent adults. We believe in respecting children and empowering them through decision-making and problem-solving opportunities, thereby equipping them with the necessary life skills to create a better future for themselves.




We strive to break away from the common sights of overcrowding situations in most orphanages and home shelters so as to provide the best quality care and education to the children under our charge. Besides providing a clean environment, we are keeping our intake of children at a maximum of 15 so as to allow each child a reasonable amount of personal space and to maintain a standard level of care and attention for each individual. Each child has his/her own locker and wardrobe space as well as personal items such as toothbrush, comb, undergarment, shoes etc. to promote personal hygiene, self-respect and overall well-being. 
Children's Locker
Children's Personal Stuff

To ensure that quality programmes as such can continue to function, we are currently funded partially by Moriah Schoolhouse LLP, a childcare center in Singapore set up by two of the founders of Yayasan Mentari Dunia. Personal donations and assistance from friends and relatives have also helped keep the operations afloat. If you have a talent or passion in helping disadvantaged children, we welcome your valuable contribution.





(April 2013 – April 2014)

A few possible sites were shortlisted and the SiriaonIndah Estate was chosen for its proximity to the Sekupang Ferry Terminal as well as to the nearby schools and amenities. It is a developing estate with a vibrant vibe displayed by the rows of colourful houses.

SiriaonIndah 600

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Progress as at October 2013

 Progress October 600

 Construction Completed in April 2014

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